Automated Patent Proofreading and Error Detection

It is costly to fix mistakes in issued patents or non-compliant Office Action responses. Some mistakes might significantly limit claim scope or even render patents invalid. Therefore, it is critical to proofread patent applications or the USPTO correspondence prior to filings to spot any potential problems. ClaimMaster provides you with a set of powerful patent tools that will help you proofread patent claims and specifications for mistakes, allowing you to draft higher-quality patent applications without overextending your resources.

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Feature Highlights

  • Check patents for various problems in patent claims and patent specification, such as missing or ambiguous antecedent references in claims, incorrect claim dependencies, wrong status indicators, incorrect or redundant claim amendments, various claim syntax errors, and scope-limiting "patent profanities" in claims and specification
  • Identify inconsistent part numbers in the patent specification and patent drawings
  • Identify claim words and phrases missing support in the patent specification
  • Pinpoint inconsistent use of acronyms in the patent specification
  • Identify similarly spelled, but contextually incorrect words
  • Review issues in intuitive HTML reports with embedded graphics, smart searching, suggestions, and export capabilities, or directly within Word. Stand-alone PDF/Word reports are also available
  • Customizable claim, document, and antecedent checking rules


  • Identify Errors in Claims

  • Check and Edit Part Numbers In Specification and Drawings

  • Generate Proofreading Reports

Identify Errors in Claims

Catch various mistakes in claims, such as missing or ambiguous antecedents, wrong status indicators, incorrect claim numbers, wrong claim dependencies, improper amendments, wrong or limiting claim expressions/syntax and much more.

Check and Edit Part Numbers In Specification and Drawings

Detect inconsistent use of element numbers in the patent specification and drawings. Browse existing elements or create your own tables for easier drafting.

Generate Proofreading Reports

Quickly generate stand-alone proofreading reports in HTML, PDF, or Word formats for easy reviewing