ClaimMaster Release 2023.7

We normally don’t have new releases back-to-back, but wanted to share a slew of additional OpeanAI GPT capabilities for +Drafting version (2023.7) that adapt generative AI specifically for automated patent drafting needs.  ClaimMaster’s new hybrid framework for patent drafting now combines the initial deterministic text generation with GPT’s powerful rewriting capabilities.

GPT rewrite architecture

Read more about our patent drafting in this detailed step-by-step tutorial.

ClaimMaster is the only AI-enabled patent drafting tool on the market that lets you:

  • Combine deterministic patent drafting tools with GPT rewriting to generate consistent, well-written prose for your patent application sections
  • Clearly see the exact edits made by GPT to any rewritten text
  • Store and re-use your favorite GPT rewriting prompts that now can include predefined examples of desired output loaded from your own documents or patent publications
  • Get the best results with the latest GPT models (e.g., GPT-4, etc.) – either connect to your proprietary models or get a complimentary upgrade to GPT-4 for +Drafting annual subscribers

Other improvements in release 2023.7 include:

  • Additional customizations for flowchart and example clause generation tools (+Drafting)
  • Office Action Assistant can now download cited prior art (+Shells version only)
  • Various formatting cleanup fixes to OA shell generation tools (+Shells)
  • Improved import of biblio data from Patent Center interface
  • Updated all GUI to remove references to PAIR after it was shut down.
  • Fixes to amendment/identifier cleanup when operating on the same document
  • Added an option to include spaces when converting from Track Changes formatting
  • Fixes for scaling issues with task pane on displays with high DPI settings
  • Improved downloading of text for published US applications with paragraph #s
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements