Complimentary ClaimMaster installations for working from home

Due to the recent COVID-19 developments, many ClaimMaster users started to work from home and may need to install ClaimMaster on their home computers. To help with this transition, we will allow ClaimMaster installations on additional computers for the licensed users free of charge and without having to deactivate existing installations on other computers (e.g., at work). 

If you need to install a copy of ClaimMaster on your home computer, log into the Customer Portal using your license id, customer id, or email:

  • Click on Licenses & Activations tab and check the number of activations left for your license. If the current number is 0 (or if you need to install on several machines), please contact us and we’ll reset the activation counter for your license, no questions asked, as long as each user has a valid license.
  • To download the latest installer, click on the Downloads tab and then on the Download button to download the latest version of ClaimMaster. 
  • If the Download button is disabled, it means that your subscription or support policy has expired.  To re-enable the download option for the latest version, click on the Renewals & Upgrades button to renew and then return to the Downloads page to download the installer. Renewing support will also automatically reset activations on your license.

Finally, we plan to have a new release available in the next two weeks. This release will include many new features related to patent family tree generation, bibliographic data access, Office Action shells, and additional patent proofreading enhancements. Stay tuned for the new release announcement!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Team ClaimMaster