Subscription Licensing Improvements

In the past, some users occasionally experienced issues with ClaimMaster licenses that didn’t correctly reset after renewals or randomly expired. These problems were caused by the incompatibility between the Softwarekey’s licensing module and Microsoft Word 365 deployed via the Click-to-run technology that utilized virtualized registry. If you’ve ever experienced the renewal or expiration problem, we’ve finally come up with a fix that hopefully will resolve the problem once and for all by transferring the existing license to a different location that is not affected by Click-to-run’s virtual registry.

To enable the fix, install the latest version of ClaimMaster and select “Transfer license to a new location” option when prompted during installation. This operation will transparently transfer your existing activated license to a different location in the Windows registry that’s not affected by the Click-to-run issue. Note that this operation is not needed if you have not previously activated a full version of ClaimMaster on the machine on which you are now installing or if you have a one-time license.

We expect that some people will still need to explicitly reactivate their software to reset it, especially if they are not currently connected to the Internet. That said, we’ve reset everyone’s recurrent subscription licenses, so in case you are prompted to reactivate, you can use the same license id and password to reactivate your software. That should resolve license reset/expiration issues going forward.

This release has many other improvements. Take a look at other numerous enhancements in ClaimMaster 2021.10: