New ClaimMaster Release (2019.1.0)

This release primarily affects ClaimMaster users who: (1) have 64-bit Office or (2) subscribe to Private PAIR integration features (Pro+ or Lite+).  If you fall under either of the above categories, we recommend  that you update at this time. Below are the main highlights of this update.

64-bit Office Version Improvements

We’ve made several significant changes to the 64-bit port, fixing many bottlenecks that affected ClaimMaster’s speed and stability. As a result, the updated ClaimMaster now runs several times faster in the 64-bit Office. The new improvements are especially apparent if you are proofreading longer documents or 60+ claim sets.

Private PAIR Improvements

Very recent changes to the Private PAIR website caused problems with the operation of our automated PAIR widget. Specifically, on some computers, the automated widget could not switch between Private PAIR tabs, which resulted in the same documents being downloaded on the subsequent requests. When present, this problem affected all features integrated with Private PAIR, such as file wrapper downloads, bibliographic data downloads, and family tree generation. This update fixes the issue.

Other Enhancements

We’ve made a number of other changes to the software.  In particular, we’ve improved the stability of the the part-of-speech tagger, which caused incorrect parsing of antecedents/part numbers on some computers. In addition, we’ve fixed some issues with IDS generation, document highlighting, enhanced troubleshooting/error-reporting functionalities, and fixed a number of other bugs reported since our last release.