Improvements to Office Action Analysis and Shell Tools in ClaimMaster 2023

We have improved and streamlined our Office Action analysis and shell generation tools to improve usability. We’ve also internally improved the accuracy of prior art recognition in the Office Actions. In particular, we’ve reorganized the Office Action analysis tool to a slimmer interface that also shows the contents of the Office Action in a table format to let you quickly see which claims have been addressed/allowed/objected in the Office Action.

office action analysis interface

We’ve also re-organized the shell generation interface to make it easier to preview/edit all bibliographic and other data that goes inside the shell in one place. As a result, you don’t need to switch between multiple tabs when generating OA shells and can skip data preview entirely to generate the shells in one step. We also populate as much data as we can automatically. For example, we’ll pull the OA date from Patent Center if it’s not available from the OA itself.

office action shell generation interface

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