Tutorial – Tools for Proofreading Figures

ClaimMaster provides several handy tools for proofreading/reviewing figures. These tools let you view the names of the parts used in the figures directly in the figures or next to them.

To access the special figure proofreading tools, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Part Numbers Tool

    Click on Individual Tools->Check/Edit Part Numbers

  2. Import Figures into the tool

    Click on Import Figures button and import figures into ClaimMaster from a Visio, PDF, PowerPoint, or Word file.

  3. Generate an Annotated PDF or Figures Table

    Once the figures are imported and processed, you can export them either as the annotated PDF or as the figures table by clicking the respective buttons:

    When figures are exported in the annotated PDF format, they’ll have annotations appear next to part numbers, as shown below.

    When you generate a figures table, you’ll have a two column table that shows the figures on the left and all the identified parts on the right.

    In any event, reviewing figures using either of these formats is a lot easier, as you have both the figures with numbers and their names next to each other.