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ClaimMaster has powerful patent form tools that let you generate USPTO PDF forms populated with the information downloaded from the USPTO and attorney/firm information stored by ClaimMaster.

To generate one or more PDF forms using the Form Generation Tool, please perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the Form Generation Tool

    In ClaimMaster tab, click on the USPTO Office Actions, Shells, and Forms menu, then select Populate a USPTO form with application/attorney info:

    uspto forms menu

    This will bring up the Form Generation tool, which you can use to create standard USPTO PDF forms filled with bibliographic information.

    uspto forms tool

  2. Lookup Biblio Data for Your Application

    In the upper left corner to the tool, enter the application number for which you’d like to get bibliographic information and then press Lookup biblio data button. You can also select a value from all of the entries loaded in the PAIR cache using a pull-down menu.

    application info

    If the application lookup is successful, ClaimMaster will populate the Replacements Fields table with their actual values obtained from the USPTO. You can can edit selected replacement field names and values and add more fields using the buttons on the right of the table. In addition, you can specify whether to capitalize inventor/examiner/applicant names and title in the replacement fields: you can choose to keep the original capitalization, initialize first letters in each word, or capitalize all words.

  3. Adjust Biblio Source Settings (Optional)

    Prior to pressing Download biblio data button, you may want to adjust your bibliographic data source settings in the Biblio Source and Cache Settings tab. Available sources include USPTO’s Patent Examiner Data System (“PEDS”) and Public/Private Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR). For example, if you are working on the published applications, then PEDS is probably the best data source. On other other hand, Private PAIR would be the right source if you are working on the unpublished applications.

    biblio data settings

  4. Generate One or More USPTO Forms

    Once you confirm that the downloaded bibliographic data is correct, you can proceed to generate any number of USPTO forms that will be filled with the biblio data. To quickly filter the list of available forms, specify the desired form type and whether it’s AIA or pre-AIA from. Alternatively, you can use a keywords to search for a particular form.

    Importantly, you can fill-out multiple PDF forms simultaneously – just select the desired documents in the table and click on Generate Selected Documents button. These forms will have configured replacement fields replaced with the downloaded bibliographic data. If you enable document preview (checkbox in the lower left corner), you’ll be able to preview the selected form on the right side of the screen.

    uspto forms selector

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