ClaimMaster's +Drafting tools integrate with GPT and other LLMs to drastically speed up patent application drafting and editing.

Loss of IP rights

Streamline patent drafting tasks

Spend less time writing application sections

Client headaches

Draft better patent applications

Avoid mistakes, give yourself more time to spend on the important details

Overhead costs

Increase your bottom line

Beat your hours budget and reduce costs to clients

Generate Application Text with GPT/LLMs

Available with +Drafting add-on

Use GPT/LLMs to assist with patent application drafting for EE, CS, Mechanical, BioChem, and other technologies:

Draft detailed figure desriptions from provided drawings.

Generate document sections such as Title, Background, and Summary, or even new claims

Explain technical terms and technologies, create sample data tables, and much more...

Store and access your favorite GPT/LLM prompts enriched with data from your documents

Use text from other documents and "creativity" lever to control AI output

Clone method claims into other statutory claim types

Rewrite Existing Text with GPT/LLMs

Available with +Drafting add-on

Use GPT and local LLMs to rewrite existing document text to improve style and add pertinent details:

Use GPT to improve grammar and style of the selected text

Add more technical details to the written sections

Shorten or expand selected text sections

Use GPT to clone existing claims into other statutory types

Use examples from other documents and "creativity" lever to control GPT output

Generate figures and corresponding descriptions

Connect to Private GPT Models and Local LLMs

Available with +Drafting add-on

Increase security and transparency with complete control of GPT/LLM sources and settings:

Connect to your own private models/GPTs set up in Microsoft Azure and OpenAI

Connect to locally running LLMs (i.e., no cloud processing) from 3rd party applications

Complimentary access to non-persistent gpt-3.5-turbo models

Quickly switch between different models for specific drafting tasks

Clone method claims into other statutory claim types

We Have Even More Awesome Patent Drafting Tools

ClaimMaster's +Drafting version includes many other patent drafting tools that are guaranteed to save you drafting time

Clone Claims

Mirror method claims into other statutory types (CRM, system, device, etc.)

Generate Document Sections

Draft Summary, Abstract, and Example Clauses sections from claims

Generate Flowcharts and Descriptions

Turn method claims into flowcharts and corresponding step-by-step descriptions

Generate Figures and Descriptions

Generate and re-use auto-numbered figures and descriptions in the Specification

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Renumber figures and parts

Quickly renumber figures and part number ranges to make space for additional figures

Add paragraph numbers

Add USPTO-compliant paragraph numbers to your draft while skipping common section headings

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