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Get Better, More Detailed Proofreading Reports

As the most comprehensive patent proofreading tool on the market, ClaimMaster can check documents and drawings for more mistakes and formatting issues than Patent Bots.

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Save More Time With Powerful Automation Tools

ClaimMaster is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and offers many unique Word patent drafting and document generation tools not available in Patent Bots.

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No Cloud Uploads

All ClaimMaster operations are local to your computer. There is no need to continuously upload your confidential drafts into the 3rd party cloud for analysis, saving you from compliance headaches and potential security risks.

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Tailored to Your Practice

Many features in ClaimMaster can be customized to your firm's drafting styles and requirements, including custom checking rules, boilerplate entries, shell templates, and document parsing rules.

Detailed ClaimMaster to Patent Bots Feature Comparison

Feature List ClaimMaster Patent Bots
Proofreading Tools
Claim proofreading (antecedent basis, amendments and status indicators, claim numbering, phrase/term support, etc.) Yes Yes
Specification proofreading (part names and numbers, patent profanities) Yes Yes
Advanced specification proofreading (acronyms, contextually incorrect words, DOCX and metadata issues, application info in headers) Yes No
Figures proofreading (part numbers, descriptions in specification) Yes Yes
Advanced figures proofreading (incorrect fonts, margins, formatting, part # annotations) Yes No
Report Formats HTML, PDF, DOCX formats HTML only
Customization Custom proofreading and AB checking rules No
Downloading Tools
Visualize patent family trees Private PAIR and public sources Public sources only
Download documents from PAIR Unpublished applications (Private PAIR) and published patents/applications Published patents/applications only
Download PDFs/texts of patents and publications Yes Yes
Enhanced Patent Document Reader Published patents and local drafts with part # annotations in figures Published patents only, no part # annotations in figures
Time-Saving Tools
View and print claim trees Text, bubble diagrams, image maps, charts Text only
Part names/numbers drafting tools Auto-complete and auto suggest, renumbering, bold/italicize Auto-complete only
Generate claim charts Yes, any claim set Only available for published patents and applications
Manipulate claim amendments and status indicators Yes Yes
Renumber claims Yes No
Compare claims Yes No
Insert pre-defined boilerplate paragraphs, phrases, acronyms Yes No
Compute excess claim fees (USPTO and EPO) Yes No
Fill-out IDS and other USPTO forms with prior art and bibliographic data, compare IDS forms Yes No
Generate flowcharts and application Summary sections from claims Yes No
Analyze and annotate Office Actions for rejections/objections/allowances, download cited prior art Yes No
Generate customized Office Action shells, emails, other documents filled-out with bibliographic data Yes No

Trusted by thousands of IP professionals

ClaimMaster provides you with an extra eye for detail at the touch of a button. I use ClaimMaster every time I review a patent application.

Automation patent drafting software testimonial
Paul Franz
Principal, Fish and Richardson

I use ClaimMaster for every application and response I write. ClaimMaster saves me time and increases the quality of my work. Those benefits pass directly to my clients.

Automation patent drafting software testimonial
Hussein Akhavannik
Partner, BakerHostetler

The ClaimMaster is a great resource for patent prosecution. I never file an application or amendment without first checking the claims with this software. You can tell it was written by a patent attorney!

Automation patent drafting software testimonial
Ira S. Matsil
Founding Partner, Slater and Matsil LLP

ClaimMaster is a quick and easy tool for ensuring patent claims are free of errors as well as aiding in many other patent drafting and prosecution tasks.

Automation patent drafting software testimonial
Gabriel Olander
Senior Director of IP, Applied Materials

ClaimMaster has quickly become invaluable to my drafting and prosecution practice. I don't file anything without running it through ClaimMaster first and for this reason the quality and efficiency of my work has improved, not to mention providing a little more peace of mind!

Frank Gerratana
Principal, Fish and Richardson

ClaimMaster has proven to be a very valuable tool and now I use it regularly. It is very helpful in detecting errors in patent claims, such as missing antecedents.

Automation patent drafting software testimonial
Franco A. Serafini

ClaimMaster is a wonderful product for patent attorneys!

Meghan McGovern
DiBerardino McGovern IP Group LLC

I have incorporated ClaimMaster into my workflow for every patent application and Office Action response that goes across my desk.

Jason Moore
Principal, Toler Law Group

ClaimMaster has high reviews on G2 Crowd and Captera, the world’s leading business software review platforms.

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