Considering PatentOptimizer? See why patent professionals prefer ClaimMaster

Superior Reporting Capabilities

ClaimMaster generates intuitive HTML reports with embedded graphics, smart searching, suggestions, and export capabilities. PatentOptimizer lacks such easy-to-review HTML reports.

Better Automation Features

ClaimMaster has advanced automation features not available in PatentOptimizer, such as Private PAIR integration, patent family trees, Office Action shells, and boilerplate paragraphs.

Reasonable Pricing

ClaimMaster is much more reasonably priced than PatentOptimizer, while offering you better patent proofreading and automation features for Microsoft Word.

See what our clients have to say about ClaimMaster:

ClaimMaster has been a trusted tool for patent professionals in law firms and corporations of all sizes for many years. For example, most of the top 10 firms ranked for the highest patent quality in 2016 study by Ocean Tomo/Intellectual Asset Management magazine have attorneys that use ClaimMaster to proofread and streamline their work. Below are just some of the select testimonials from senior patent practitioners in large firms and corporations:

"ClaimMaster provides you with an extra eye for detail at the touch of a button. What was once a final time-consuming review for claim errors, claim term support and reference numeral checks now takes only minutes. I use ClaimMaster every time I review a patent application"

Patent Software Testimonial- Paul Franz, Principal, Fish & Richardson

"I use ClaimMaster for every application and response I write. ClaimMaster saves me time and increases the quality of my work. Those benefits pass directly to my clients."

- Hussein Akhavannik, Partner, BakerHostetler

"ClaimMaster is a quick and easy tool for ensuring patent claims are free of errors as well as aiding in many other patent drafting and prosecution tasks."

Patent Software Testimonial - Gabriel Olander, Sr. Patent Counsel, Rambus

"The ClaimMaster is a great resource for patent prosecution. I never file an application or amendment without first checking the claims with this software. It is also useful for other patent related tasks. You can tell it was written by a patent attorney!"

Patent Software Testimonial- Ira S. Matsil, Founding Partner, Slater & Matsil LLP


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