Drive Value and Spend Less Time on Office Action Responses:

Streamline office action responses

Streamline Office Action Responses

Automate many time-consuming steps involved in responding to Office Actions

Turbocharge productivity

Turbocharge Productivity

Free yourself to focus on more substantial, strategic work that drives value

Improve quality

Quality Responses, Even on a Tight Budget

Automation lets you complete work in less time and reduces manual errors

Generate Office Action responses in just 4 easy steps:

It only takes minutes to turn any previous Office Action response into a template that can be repeatedly reused within ClaimMaster to generate new shell responses

Automated office action responses speed up productivity

Office Action template wizard


Customize Your Shell Templates

Quickly turn any of your documents into ClaimMaster Office Action templates. Automatically detect and insert relevant replacement fields. Or just edit the standard templates provided with the tool.

Use our Wizard to simplify shell creation from the existing documents

70+ replacement fields for inserting pertinent information

Configure different templates for different clients

Share configured templates between multiple users

See a tutorial
Office Action browser


Analyze Any Office Action

Download and analyze Office Action objections, rejections, and allowances. Navigate to key Office Action sections. Quickly retrieve and analyze pertinent cited prior art and related documents

Analyze PDF and DOCX Office Actions downloaded from PAIR

Built-in OCR

Insert hot links in the relevant sections of the Office Action

Download cited prior art

Identify unaddressed claims, Official Notice and inherency arguments made in the Office Action

See a tutorial
Office Action shell response


Generate A Shell Office Action Response

Generate filled-out Office Action shells populated with cleaned-up claims, bibliographic data and objections/rejections and cited references so that you can easily analyze selected Office actions and preview potential response approaches.

Include cleaned-up claims from the previous response

Shells include text and images of the pertinent sections

Bibliographic data is pulled from PAIR or your docketing system

Generate document packages (e.g., annotated OA, shell response, copies of the cited art, client letter, and reporting emails)

See a tutorial
Office Action completed


Finalize Your Office Action Response

Use Office Action Response Assistant to quickly insert relevant boilerplate language and canned sections into the prepared shell to finalize the response

Customize boilerplate for common Office Action sections and responses to common rejections and objections

Auto-populating fields in the shell response simplify data entry

Office Action rejection and bibliographic data is kept with the shell

See a tutorial

Work up to 10x Faster On Office Action Responses!

Review Office Action and Download Cited Prior Art

Manually: 10 minutes

With ClaimMaster: 1 minute

Prepare a Filled-out Shell Office Action Response

Manually: 1 hour

With ClaimMaster: 5 minutes

Prepare A Client Reporting Letter or Email

Manually: 10 minutes

With ClaimMaster: 1 minute

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