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ClaimMaster can perform patent proofreading of claims in a patent document for various issues, such as wrong claim numbering and dependencies, incorrectly defined multiple claims, incorrect status indicators and amendments, presence of “patent profanities,” and other problems and informalities.

To check claims for errors, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the Claim-Checking Feature

    You can launch the claim-checking feature either from the Individual Tools menu or as part of the All-in-One Report. To start the check from the Individual Tools section, click on the Individual Tools menu, then select Check Claims for Errors/View Error Reports:

    proofread patent claims

    Alternatively, if you run any type of the All-In-One Report, claim checking will be performed during report generation.

  2. Review the Results

    Next, ClaimMaster will parse claims in the document and analyze them for various issues, presenting results after the analysis completes. The results will be shown either in a Word form or in an HTML/PDF report, depending on your All-in-One report settings.

    ClaimMaster shows several different types of error messages:
    i) Errors – serious errors in the claims, such as invalid dependencies or wrong status indicators
    ii) Syntax Warnings – potential problems with syntax, such as a class mismatch between a parent and its child claim.
    iii) Style Warnings – potential problems with claim language, such as the use of potentially limiting or indefinite words.

    If you are reviewing results directly in Word, they’ll be shown as part of the clickable claim tree. You can click/expand each message to review the suggested fix and go to the error location in the Word document. You can also highlight identified issues directly in the document.

    If you are generating HTML reports, the results will be listed in a table format under the Claim Errors tab:

    If you are generating PDF/Word reports, the results will be listed in a table format under the Claim Errors section:

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.