ClaimMaster Task Pane Issues and Fixes

The latest release ClaimMaster 2023 displays most reporting and drafting windows inside Word’s own task pane. However, we have noticed a few occasional glitches for task panes that could happen on certain platforms/versions of Office. Here are the solutions to the common task pane issues with ClaimMaster:

1. Reporting windows are not placed inside Word’s task pane

If you notice that ClaimMaster reporting or drafting windows do not get placed inside Word’s task pane after you run ClaimMaster and instead show up over the top of the document, there is very quick fix. This problem is uncommon but appears to happen primarily for 32-bit Office versions in some configurations.

If this is a problem for your Office configuration, please do the following:

1. Exit Word.

2. Download and run a tiny patch file (CM_TaskPane_Fixer.exe, 341KB).

3. Run the patch, which re-registers one of the controls to fix the task pane initialization issue.

4. Restart Word.

If the problem continues, please contact [email protected]. Please note that you can set the default position of reporting and drafting windows in ClaimMaster’s preferences. If you enable docking of windows, they’ll open in Word’s left/right task pane by default, but you can also switch to the previous floating window approach for the situations where task pane docking is not available for some reason.

task pane position options

2. Task pane shows up blank after running a report

We’ve noticed that on rare occasions, the task pane appears blank or doesn’t refresh after you’ve ran a report in ClaimMaster. In this case, simply drag the vertical bar/edge of the task pane a bit to either left or right with your mouse and the task pane/window should refresh within Word.