Image File Wrapper Downloading Improvements

ClaimMaster 2021 includes several important improvements to our file wrapper download tool, which are described in more detail below.

1. Integration with Patent Center for faster IFW document downloads

We have now integrated access to the USPTO’s Patent Center, allowing ClaimMaster to download either full or partial PDF file wrappers very quickly (assuming Patent Center itself is not down, which appears to happen quite often recently). While Patent Center is the default data source for published patent applications, you will still need to use Private PAIR for unpublished applications.

For now, the Patent Center integration only extends to PDF files, but we’ll also be adding DOCX download capability soon.

2. Customizable download filters for PAIR/Patent Center downloads

In addition to the improved download speeds, ClaimMaster now also lets you create and use custom download filters assembled from any set of the standard PAIR document types. By using IFW document type filters, you’ll be able to download only specific file wrapper documents from PAIR or Patent Center.

In the past, we’ve had certain pre-built filter options (e.g., “Claims”, “Latest Office Action”, etc.) but now you can specify your own download filters that comprise any PAIR document types.

3. Custom IFW download file names

Finally, we’ve added a custom file naming capability that lets you name the IFW files downloaded from PAIR/Patent Center using a custom template that can include one or more replacement fields. These fields will be updated with the actual bibliographic/date information for each downloaded document. For example, using an “[APPNUM]-[CUSTOMNUM]-[FILTER]-[DATE]” naming template will result in 16000100-CF1.1500–Claims_Only-Jan_1_2020.pdf filename for the downloaded file. Using custom naming templates makes it easy to keep track of the downloaded documents.

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