Office Action Analysis and Shell Improvements in ClaimMaster 2021

This release of ClaimMaster includes several helpful improvements to the Office Action analysis and shell tools.

1. Auto-detection of fields for Office Action shell conversion

The Shell Wizard can now auto-detect and insert replacement fields (e.g., title, art unit, application #, etc) as part of the shell creation process.

With a single click of a button, you can now auto-insert replacement fields into the shells and do not have to do it manually. ClaimMaster will use bibliographic information obtained from PEDs or PAIR to detect these fields’s locations in your existing documents, making shell creation fast and intuitive.

2. Snippets of OA citations (in image format) into OA shells

We’ve added several replacement fields that allow you to insert snapshots/images of existing rejections/objections/allowances into the Office Action shells. While we also provide text of the rejection, having the exact snapshot of the rejection may be helpful during the drafting/review process to make sure the exact language of the rejections is being addressed. These snapshots can be removed when the Office Action response is finalized.

Here are the new field names:


3. Insertion of direct prior art links into annotated Office Actions

The annotated Office Action documents now include hotlinks that point to the PDFs of the cited prior art. These hotlinks are located in boxes at the top left corner of each identified rejection. The hotlinks take you to the PDFs of the cited art when you click on them.

4. Detection of inherency and Official Notice arguments in the analyzed Office Actions

When analyzing the Office Action, in addition to identifying rejections, objections, and allowances, ClaimMaster now also identifies any locations where the Examiner made inherency arguments or took the Official Notice. We also identify any gaps in the pending claims that might have not been substantively addressed by the Office Action.

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