Improved Patent Drafting Tools

This ClaimMaster release features improved patent drafting tools in the +Drafting version.

Improved Patent Drafting Templates

After the initial release of the +Drafting tools, we’ve realized that it would be challenging to internally accommodate all the varying drafting preferences within the default drafting templates. To address this, we’ve added the ability to insert Javascript code directly into the client-side templates to assist with claim transformations performed by ClaimMaster. These Javascript code snippets take several predefined inputs from ClaimMaster’s NLP’s engine and allow you to completely control the output of each template using custom logic. For example, when cloning a claim, you can detect the specific variations of claim language in a preamble and transform the remaining claim limitations based on how the preamble is written. With all the regular expressions and Javascript functions available, these scripts can handle essentially any drafting style or requirements.

Scripting is currently enabled for claim cloning, Summary, and Abstract generation features and, in the future, we may add scripting to other template types, if there is demand. More information on adding scripts to patent drafting templates is available here.

Of course, we don’t actually expect you to learn Javascript for this feature, so we’ll be more than happy to assist you with template adjustments if you give us the desired language for your claims or other claim sections. The most important benefit of this feature is that it allows ClaimMaster to handle essentially any arbitrary drafting preferences through client-side templates.

Note: we recommend that you reset your default patent drafting templates during installation if you haven’t previously created your own templates, as this release includes a number of new templates that demonstrate the scripting functionality. Alternatively, you can also import the new demo templates into your existing templates using the Import templates functionality. They new templates will be located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimMaster\Settings\Patent\Drafting\patent_drafting_templates.xml file.

Figure Renumbering Tool

ClaimMaster’s improved patent drafting tools now let you quickly change figure numbers and associated part numbers in Visio, PDF, and Word drawings. All associated part numbers in the figure can be changed, as long as they begin with the same number as the figure (e.g., Figure 2 and associated parts 2XX). This operation will be helpful if you need to re-use a previous figure but with a different number, so you don’t have to change all the figure and part numbers in the drawing by hand. To use this feature, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menu, then select Change Figure and Part Numbers in the Drawings. You’ll then be presented with a preview window for each of the pages/slides in the figures. Pick one of the pages, enter the new figure # and click the Renumber button to bring up the renumbered figure.

Importing New Templates

You can now import new templates from another file into your current set of patent drafting templates. This makes it easier to incorporate templates developed by others without having to change your own template file. To import templates from another file, click on Patent Drafting Tools window, select Patent Drafting Settings … window and then click on the Import templates from a file button.