Improvements to Downloading Tools

In this release of ClaimMaster, we’ve added a number of improvements to our various patent downloading tools. Below are some of the new features and improvements:

PEDs Access for IFW Downloading

USPTO image file wrappers (IFWs) can get large and require fast access for downloading. In the past, downloading IFWs directly from Public PAIR was quite tedious. Recently, however, the USPTO made IFWs accessible through the PEDs portal. We’ve now added access to the PEDs portal in our PAIR downloading tool, so that you can batch download multiple IFW documents directly from PEDs. This is the preferred way of obtaining file wrappers using ClaimMaster, at least for the publicly available documents. The advantage of using PEDs is that it’s very fast, theoretically should mirror data available from Public PAIR, and doesn’t require using the stand-alone IE downloader that’s needed to access/scrub the Patent Center site.

patent file wrapper PEDS

For more information on how to use the PAIR downloading tool, including information on how to set up downloading filters, please take a look at this step-by-step tutorial.

Patent Reader Improvements

ClaimMaster 2021 added a new Patent Reader tool that lets you conveniently review published US patent applications, US patents, and your own application drafts in an easy-to-review HTML document with annotated figures, smart search capabilities, and other helpful information. In this release, we’ve further enhanced the Patent Reader tool and added the ability to include family tree information and image file wrapper links to the generated patent report. To have this information added to the patent reader document, simply select Family Tree and Image File Wrapper checkboxes before generating the report, as shown below.

patent reader improvements

The resulting HTML patent report will have separate tabs for the patent family tree, family table, and IFW, giving you quick access to the patent family and also the file wrapper of the specified patent. You can see a sample report here.

For more information about the Patent Reader tool, please take a look at this step-by-step tutorial.

Other Downloading Tools Improvements

  • IDS updates – we have also fixed a number of issues with IDS generation, including issues related to formatting of inventor names and wrong issue dates appearing in the generates IDS forms. We also fixed several issues with importing of patent numbers from documents for IDS generation, including those related to non-US patent number imports.
  • Fixed Espacenet PDF downloading issues – there has been an ongoing issue with Espacenet PDF downloads where the scheduled downloads stalled due to cookie info page being shown on some systems. We’ve now designed a workaround for this issue, so even if the cookie info webpage comes up, the downloader will automatically reload the web browser and proceed to download the requested documents.
  • Improved downloading speed of PDF publications from Google Patents – these are typically OCRed and now you can batch download them quite a bit faster
  • Updated automated access to Private PAIR – as has been explained in more detail in this post, we have adjusted our automation to work with the new Private PAIR website upgrade, so that you can continue using ClaimMaster to download bibliographic data and IFW documents from Private PAIR.

Take a look at other numerous improvements in this release: