Improvements to Patent Drafting Tools in ClaimMaster 2023

This ClaimMaster release introduces several helpful improvements to our patent application drafting tools, in addition to internal enhancements.

Generate Example Clauses

Our +Drafting tools now let you quickly generate sections with example clauses, such as the ones used for PCT or EP applications. You can invoke this tool from the Patent Drafting Tools menu and it is also presented as an option during the drafting workflow.

example clauses menu

The Example Clause generator operates similar to other +Drafting tools – you can select specific claims and baseline templates to transform into the clause sections. Once you are finalize the results in the preview window, you can insert the generated clauses into the document. Like other +Drafting tools, clause generation templates are very flexible and permit various clause enumeration styles (e.g., letters, numbers) and text customizations.

example clause generation

New settings for flowchart generation

Other patent drafting tool improvements include extra options for generating flowcharts from claims. You now can specify default fonts/sizes, line widths, and intro bubble settings for each generated flowchart. All settings are also sticky.

flowchart generation options

Part editing tool improvements

We have completely reworked our part # editing interface, making it easier to view, add, and edit all part #s in the document as you are drafting the specification. For starters, you no longer need to first proofread part #s from the specification before opening the part # drafting tool. Now you can simply jump to that tool from the Part Checking and Utilities->Edit Part Names and Numbers option. From there, you can import #s from your spreadsheet, figures, or another document.

part editing tool menu

The part # editing tool has also been completely revamped. We’ve made it easier to search for specific parts in the specification (both forward/backward), filter the list of shown parts and their numbers, and also access various part renumbering/editing utilities (e.g., to add or remove #s from claims). As with other ClaimMaster drafting windows, the parts browsing/editing window opens up in the Word’s task pane by default:

part number tools

Bulk part name/number editing has also been streamlined. Simply switch to the Edit All Parts tab, make your edits to one or more parts and then switch back to the Parts Table view. All changes to part names and numbers will be propagated into the table and optionally updated in the document as well.

part name number editing

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