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ClaimMaster includes patent application drafting tools that let you generate multiple patent figures and their descriptions from a predefined set of templates. All part numbers in the figures and corresponding descriptions (including rich text annotations, variables, and other fields) will be adjusted according to the specified figure number(s).

You can take a look at the demo of the figure drafting tools in the video below:

To generate figures and their descriptions, follow these steps:

  1. Open Patent Drafting Settings menu

    From the ClaimMaster tab, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menuthen click on Generate Figures + Descriptions :

    generate figures and descriptions menu

  2. Specify a Set of Patent Figures to Draft

    Using the list of all available figures in the library, you can specify the set of figures for generation by clicking on the >> button that will add each desired template from the main list to the generation list. If you have many templates, you can use the filter field to limit the list to those templates that at least partially match the filter. In addition, you can specify multiple figures at once by picking a pre-defined group of figures. If you’d like to save your current group for quick reuse for the future, specify the group name here and press “Save”.

    select figure templates to generate

  3. Preview Figures + Descriptions

    If you’ve selected to generate more than one figure, use tabs to navigate between all generated figures + descriptions. You can individually adjust settings for each generated figure + description, such as figure numbers. Note that the figure image will not show the updated figure #, but text preview will. You can make edits to the text of the generated brief figure description and full figure description directly into the preview window. When you insert generated descriptions into the document, the text from the preview windows will be used during insertion.

    preview figure generation settings

  4. Generate Patent Figures and Corresponding Descriptions

    Once you are satisfied with the preview of the selected figures and their descriptions, proceed to generate the figures and also insert figure descriptions into the document. You’ll do this by clicking the Generate Figure(s) and Insert Description(s) buttons, respectively. Prior to insertion, you can also specify whether to insert the generated figure descriptions into the currently open document (at the current cursor location) or into a new document. Here you can also choose to insert the pre-configured Figure description section that includes a header (i.e., best used for documents that do not include section replacement fields).

    generate figures and descriptions buttons

    Note that if a Save directory is specified, all generated figures and their corresponding text descriptions will be saved to that directory.

    Generated figures will have their figure and part #s updated according to the specified figure numbers.
    sample figure template

    Generated figure descriptions will also have figure and part #s updated accordingly. Please note that the generate textual descriptions can also include various annotations, rich text, graphics, and variables/dropdowns. For more information on how to configure such templates, please click here.

    insertions with rich text

  5. Proceed to Next Steps

    After you insert the generated figures + descriptions, you can either close the figure generation tool or click on the Next Steps button to proceed inserting other sections into the application shell using the built-in workflow.
    select next step after generating figures

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.