Patent Proofreading Reports in HTML Format

ClaimMaster 2019 can now generate patent proofreading reports in HTML format, such as the one shown here.  These reports include many helpful features:

1. Powerful reviewing interface – the new reports make it significantly easier to review all the results of patent proofreading at once. Relying on the latest web interface technologies, the new HTML reports provide enhanced proofreading, searching, and highlighting features to assist with reviewing and analysis of your patent documents.  Examples of these features include:

  • Dynamic antecedent basis suggestion capabilities, highlighting & search options, mouse hover tooltips to make reviewing faster and more intuitive.
  • Smart tables with searching, highlighting, column sorting, and printing/CSV export
  • Immediate access to specification text and figures for searching/reviewing
  • Extensive built-in help

2. Secure – the new patent proofreading reports are still locally generated and fully stand-alone.  In other words, you don’t need an Internet connection to generate or review them. You can also put them in a zip file that’s easy to share with clients or coworkers. Because the reports are generated locally on your computer/network, you don’t need to upload your confidential documents into the 3rd party cloud, thus avoiding all of the unnecessary security risks.

3. Speed and versatility – the new reports are also rendered faster in the software than PDF reports, reducing the overall report generation time by as much as 50%.  They can be viewed in all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, IE11, and Opera.

Generating Patent Proofreading Reports

To generate the new HTML patent proofreading reports, click on the Proofreading Reports section in ClaimMaster Ribbon.  By default, HTML reports will be generated, but you can still select PDF/Word reports as the default output format under Custom Report Settings.

Once your report has been generated, it will be open in the default browser on your computer, such as Chrome (if IE11 is your default browser, it will also require you to click on the security dialog at the bottom to fully enable the reports).

The HTML report will have individual tabs for all types of proofreading checks.  Tab headings show a summary of errors/warnings for a given proofreading section.  Click Show Help button in each section for detailed explanations of operations available in each tab.

web report tab

We are not going to go over every feature in the patent proofreading reports, but here the highlights of some tabs:

Antecedent Basis Tab

This section shows Antecedent Basis (“AB”) errors and warnings. It contains a number of advanced suggestion/reviewing features, as shown below.

ab check

Part Number Tab

This tab shows part numbers and names identified in the specification and drawings/claims (if available).  It also contains many advanced searching/reviewing features:

patent proofreading reports - part number check

Word Specification Support Tab

This tab shows whether individual claim words appear in the specification.  Hover over each word to see how frequently the word (including variants) appears in the specification or double-click on terms to bring-up the specification search window.

patent proofreading reports - word support check

Claim Tree & Text Tab

This tab contains the claim tree image and searchable claim table, such as the one shown below.

patent proofreading reports - claim tree text


There are more features in those reports, as we only covered the basics.  You can evaluate a sample report to review additional features – click on the Show Help button in each tab to get more information on the available features. Critically, once you are done reviewing, you can simply zip the entire report and send it to someone else who’ll be able to review it on their computer.

If you’d like to try out ClaimMaster on your patent documents, download the free 30-day trial from here.