Task Automation Improvements in ClaimMaster 2023.5

Based on customer feedback, we’ve added a number of improvements to our task automation tools and patent downloading tools to streamline document generation, downloading, and editing operations.

Patent family trees enriched with U.S. bibliographic data

While we use EPO’s service for generating patent family trees, it doesn’t provide all of the bibliographic information for US patents. ClaimMaster now can scrape additional bibliographic data for published U.S. items (e.g., examiner name, art unit, docket #s, etc.) from Patent Center and include it in the family tree. To do so, simply check the “Supplement US apps with bibliographic data” checkbox when generating the family tree.

The resulting family tree will include the additional bibliographic information in the boxes, if it is available.

Custom document groups for forms and shells

In case you need to generate multiple forms or shell documents at once, you can now create predefined document groups to make selection of multiple documents easier. Once you select a particular group, all the forms/shells in the specified group will be selected at once for generation. It’s very easy to define new groups – select one or more documents in the table of forms or shells, then add the group name and click on “Save.” Alternatively, clicking on the “Remove” button will remove the given group from the list.

Custom document names for forms, shells, and downloaded prior art

We now let you specify custom file naming templates for the generated forms, shells, and prior art using replacement fields that will be replaced with the actual bibliographic/date information for each generated document. For example, [APPNUM]_[FORMNAME]_[DATE] or any other combination of the such fields.

Movable claim limitations

When you use our “Organize Document Map” tool, you can now specify whether to add outline levels to individual limitations of each claim. When such outline levels are added to claim limitations, it allows you to quickly re-arrange outlined limitations/paragraphs in the Navigation pane via drag & drop.

Updated quick links

We’ve added a number of most commonly used links to the ClaimMaster’s Quick Links menu, allowing you to quickly open a web page for the desired web resource:

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