Figure Description Text Blocks

If you draft a lot of applications for the same client, sometimes you end up reusing figure description sections from related patent applications. However, the actual figure numbers between applications may be different and manually changing all part numbers associated with the figure description is a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily store and reuse such description text blocks with part numbers automatically adjusted to match new figures? You can then quickly build your specification using combinations of such reusable blocks. To help with this task, ClaimMaster adds a new patent application drafting tool for +Drafting subscribers that lets you generate reusable figure description text blocks from predefined templates. All part numbers in the generated text blocks (including rich text annotations, variables, and other fields) will be adjusted according to the specified figure number.

figure description text blocks window

Note that this feature doesn’t generate new figures in PPT or Visio formats, just text descriptions. It’s very easy to create a template for a given figure description block. Simply copy & paste the text section from your open Word document into the new Description Block template. In fact, you can pull the text of other patents directly into Word from the USPTO or EPO using one of our quick patent downloading tool. Then you can right click on the text your document to have ClaimMaster store the text as part of the template with annotations, variables, etc.:

For more information about this feature, check out the Online Manual.

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