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As part of its rich library of patent drafting tools, ClaimMaster allows you to store  autocomplete terms as part of the boilerplate paragraphs tool.  When using autocomplete, ClaimMaster will provide you with  “as-you-type” suggestions for the predefined terms and acronym definitions after you type several characters into the document. Note – this feature is only available for Office 2007 and later.

To configure and use autocomplete during patent application drafting, follow these steps:

  1. Open Boilerplate Preferences

    From the ClaimMaster tab, click on the Boilerplate Tools menuthen Settings:

    boilerplate settings menu

    Alternatively, you can bring up Boilerplate Settings from the general Preferences in ClaimMaster:

    boilerplate preferences

  2. Enable and Add Autocomplete Entries

    In the Boilerplate Settings window that shows up, check the Enable autocomplete of defined terms and acronyms checkbox.

    autocomplete table

    In the same window, you can specify the desired autocomplete phrases and acronyms. Each phrase should start on a new line. Acronyms are defined using [ACRONYM]::[ACRONYM DEFINITION] syntax.  For example, FED::Field Emission Display (FED).  

    In addition, if you press Import terms from the current document button, you can use ClaimMaster to populate the autocomplete list using phrases and acronyms imported directly from claims, specification, and acronym definitions.

    Once you are done editing the list of autocomplete entries , click the Save Settings button.

  3. Manually Edit Autocomplete Entries (Optional)

    Alternatively, you can edit the autocomplete entries directly in the Word document used by ClaimMaster to store all configured boilerplate entries. To do so, open the Word boilerplate table from the location shown at the top of the Boilerplate Settings window:

    boilerplate location

    Once the Word document opens, locate the Auto-complete row in the table. If there isn’t one, simply add a row to the table and make sure to type Autocomplete in the first column of the row.

    Next, add your autocomplete phrases and acronym definitions to the last column of the table, as shown below. Each autocomplete phrase should start on a new line. Acronyms are defined using [ACRONYM]::[ACRONYM DEFINITION] syntax.  For example, FED::Field Emission Display (FED).  

    autocomplete table entry

    Once you are done editing the table, save and close the Word document containing boilerplate entries. Make sure to reload boilerplate entries into ClaimMaster after this by clicking on the Reload boilerplate table menu option.

    reload boilerplate table

  4. Start Typing

    Once autocomplete entries are configured for terms and acronym definitions, you can simply start typing. Suggestions will appear after four characters are typed into the document.  You can then press “Enter” to bring up a menu that lets you select from a list of suggestions for autocompleting your term when you type.

    autocomplete terms

    For acronyms, use $ before the acronym, such as $TFT or $LCD, and ClaimMaster will bring up a list of suggested definitions for the acronym:
    autocomplete acronyms

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.