Calculating excess claim fees

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ClaimMaster includes tools that will help you calculate excess claim fees, if any, that are due to the USPTO or EPO. The calculations are based on the number of claims, their type, and the type of the filing entity. Based on status indicators, the software can also estimate the fees for the claims that have been previously paid for.

To calculate excess fees, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch Excess Claim Fee Tool

    In ClaimMaster tab, click on the Time-Saving Tools menu, then select Calculate Excess Claim Fees

    excess claim fee menu

  2. Review excess USPTO fees

    In the dialog that opens up, you can calculate fees based on the current USPTO fee schedule. In the USPTO, excess fees are charged for independent claims in excess of 3, dependent claims in excess of 20, and multiple dependent claims. The displayed fees may be changed when the USPTO’s fee schedule changes. You can also specify the type of entity and whether to apply the multiple dependent claim fee to the totals. In addition, ClaimMaster will use existing status indicators in claims to exclude the fees for the claims that have been previously paid for.

    USPTO excess claim fees

  3. Review excess EPO fees

    If you switch to the EPO tab, you can also calculate excess fees based on the current EPO fee schedule. In the EPO, such fees are charged for claims over 15 and additional fees are also charged for claims in excess of 50. View the results in the window below.

    EPO excess fees

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.