Updating Part Numbers in Claims

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With a library of helpful patent application drafting tools, ClaimMaster makes it easy to add part numbers to the claims, as is often done when for converting US claims for EPO filings. In addition, ClaimMaster can also remove part numbers from claims when converting EPO claims to US format.

To access the part numbering features for claims, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Parts Browser Tool

    Click on the Individual Tools->Check/Edit Part Numbers menu option

  2. Switch to the Parts Drafting View

    Switch to the Drafting View in the opened Parts Browser dialog and then click on Add/remove #s to/from claims button. You will be prompted to parse the claims in the document, if they haven’t been parsed yet.

  3. Option 1: Insert Part Numbers in Claims

    Review the suggested list of part numbers to be inserted into your claims. You can edit the list by clicking on the Edit All Part Numbers button. Once you are happy with the listing, select the desired rows in the list (by default all are selected) and then click on Add selected part numbers to claims button. ClaimMaster will then insert the selected part numbers into your claim set (typically using Track Changes, unless you uncheck this option below).

  4. Option 2: Remove Part Numbers from Claims

    Simply click on the Remove all part number lists from claims button and all part number lists in parentheses will be removed from your claims.

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.