Changing Document Amendments with ClaimMaster

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ClaimMaster includes several helpful tools for quickly manipulating amendments and status indicators in your claims. They are accessible from the Time-Saving Tools->Claim Amendment Tools menu, as shown below:

Updating Amendments and Status Indicators

First, you can open the primary tool for updating amendments and indicators by clicking on the Update Amendments and Status Indicators menu item. Once the tool dialog comes up (shown below), you’ll have several predefined options for handling various amendment scenarios in your claims:

  1. Generate a clean claim set without amendments or status indicators – this operation is useful, for example, when you want to generate a clean claim set from the existing Office Action response for the client or review.
  2. Accept previous amendments and update status indicators from the previously amended claim set – this is a helpful option if you want to insert the amended claim set from the previous Office Action response into the current response.
  3. Update status indicators in the current claim set based on the presence of existing amendments – this operation is useful to run when you’ve made edits to your claims and want to update your claim status indicators accordingly.
  4. Insert status indicators into a claim set that does not have status indicators – this option is helpful for adding indicators to the claims from the originally filed application (e.g., for the first Office Action response).

In addition to the predefined operations that normally would take care of the most common scenarios, you can also update amendments and indicators using more granular control in the Fully Configurable Operations section.

Note that, when performing the above operations, ClaimMaster will by default generate a new document and place the updated claim set there, but you also have an option to make the changes directly in the open Word document.

For more information on this feature, please take a look at the Online Manual.

Updating Amendments/Indicators in the Selected Text

In addition, ClaimMaster provides several options for changing amendments in the selected text region within the Word document:

Specifically, you can do the following operations:

  1. Accept Amendments in the Selected Text – similar to Word’s “Accept All Changes” for the Track Changes feature, this operation will accept all amendments in the selected text region. Specifically, ClaimMaster will remove underlining from underlined additions and will remove stricken-through text from the claims.
  2. Reject Amendments in the Selected Text – this operation will reject all existing amendments in the selected text region. Deletions will be kept, but new underlined amendments will be removed.
  3. Convert Track Changes To Amendment Formatting and Convert Amendment Formatting to Track Changes – these helpful features quickly convert all amendments in the select text region from Track Changes to the regular USPTO amendment formatting and vise versa. See here for further details.

For more information on these features, please take a look at the Online Manual.