Improvements to Figures and Part Number Proofreading/Drafting

ClaimMaster 2021 includes many significant improvements to part # proofreading and drafting. First and foremost, we’ve revisited the basic proofreading algorithms to improve error detection and reduce false positives. In addition, we’ve added a number of new proofreading capabilities, as explained in more detail below.

1. Proofreading drawings for formatting issues

When you import a drawings file into the tool (PDF, Visio, PPT, Word), ClaimMaster can now identify the following informalities in your drawings, among other part numbering issues:

  • Incorrect page margins, font types, and sized in your drawing sheets, per MPEP requirements
  • Figures not described in the Detailed Description
  • Figures descriptions missing from the Detailed Description of Drawings
  • Part numbers used in the specification, but not drawings, and vise-versa.

The above issues would be reported in All-in-One reports, as well as individual document reports. In particular, the HTML reports have been further upgraded to identify issues with figures in a separate “Figures” tab, which shows drawings annotated with part names next to the identified part #s and reported issues, making it very easy to review the existing figures for any problems.

You can take a look at a sample section of the HTML proofreading report here.

2. Identifying parts missing numbers in the specification

You can  now identify any parts described in the Specification that are missing a part number. During the check, ClaimMaster will first identify all part names in the document that do have numbers associated with them and then check for any instances of the same part names used without numbers. You can enable this feature under Preferences->Configure Part-Checking Rules:

3. Auto-suggest for part names

After you identify parts in the documents, ClaimMaster will let you enable auto-suggest for part names as you are typing. When you are in the Drafting View of the Parts Browser, check the Enable auto-suggest … checkbox to enable auto-complete of part names as you type. You’ll be provided with suggestions after you type-in the first 4 characters of the part name, as shown below.

Also check out other improvements in this release: