Patent Proofreading Report Improvements

Back in October, we’ve released a new version of ClaimMaster (2021.10). The latest version contains a number of helpful improvements to our patent proofreading reports, both in HTML and PDF format. Overall, we’ve significantly streamlined the patent proofreading reports to make error reviewing easier. For example, the left side of the reports in HTML format is color-coded to indicate whether a particular claim has any errors, warnings, or is error-free. This makes it easy to quickly scan the report for issues and also skip the claims without problems. We’ve also completely reworked the PDF reports to improve clarity and remove redundant warnings. You can take a closer look at the most recent reports in here (HTML) and here (PDF) – below are some of the highlights:

Antecedent Basis Patent Proofreading Reports

We’ve made several changes to the antecedent basis reports in HTML format to make reviewing and tracking of antecedent basis issues even easier. For example, the reports now allow you to quickly locate original references for the claim terms that were found to have valid AB. Just click on any of the terms with green background and the report will highlight the first iteration of the original term in green, as shown below for the term “the client device.” This way you always know what original term provided antecedent basis for the later term using the antecedent reference.

antecedent basis patent proofreading report HTML

In addition, the HTML reports now feature improved AB term searching. For example, only terms in the same dependency group will be highlighted and the report will hide all other claims that do not share the same independent claim, since they would be irrelevant for AB searching.

We’ve also streamlined the reporting of AB issues in the PDF patent proofreading reports. We’ve tried to make them as compact as possible and have also adjusted colors for different issues to make reviewing easier.

antecedent basis patent proofreading report PDF

Updates to the Word & Phrase Support Reports

The HTML and PDF patent proofreading reports also feature improvements to the word/phrase support reporting. For example, the reports identify terms that were found to have support only outside of the Detailed Description (e.g., in the Summary, Background, or Abstract sections). Providing term support only in those sections is typically less desirable, as it would suggest that the term might not have been sufficiently described in the context of the primary embodiments covered in the Detailed Description. The reports underline such terms in red as shown below for the term “composite signal.”

support report HTML

We also underline such terms in the PDF reports. In addition, the PDF reports now list out any terms/words having limited support (e.g., 4 or fewer hits) in the Specification.

patent proofreading report support PDF

The latest release also includes many other improvements, so please take a look here for more information. For example, did you know we support patent proofreading of documents for the USPTO’s patent application submissions in DOCX format?