Other Improvements in ClaimMaster 2021

The new ClaimMaster release features a number of helpful improvements to various features. Below are some of the highlights:

1. Improved HTML family trees with bibliographic data tables

ClaimMaster 2021 has several improvements of the patent family trees tool. First, we’ve optimized the tree mapping algorithm to reduce redundant edges, which makes the trees look cleaner and easier to read. Second, we’ve added a bibliographic data tab to the HTML-based trees. This tab contains all of the relevant bibliographic information for the applications/patents cited in the tree in a searchable format.

Here’s a sample family tree with the new biblio tab.

2. Improved antecedent basis lookup in HTML reports

We’ve enhanced the Antecedent Basis section in our All-in-one HTML reports to streamline your searches for missing or possibly missing antecedents. Now, when you click on the highlighted areas to search for the suggested terms in other claims, only claims belonging to the same top independent claim will be shown by default. This filtering (which can be turned off) makes it easier to inspect missing AB causes in larger claims sets.

3. Improved identification of patent document sections

To help improve identification of claims, figure descriptions, abstract, and other sections in patent documents, we’ve enhanced the document header tracking capability within ClaimMaster. In particular, the new detailed interface makes it easy to specify headers for various common document sections in patent applications and Office Action responses.

4. Quick Reports

We’ve added export buttons to a number of proofreading interfaces to simplify quick generation of HTML and other types of reports for the identified issues, as certain issues are easier to review in the stand-alone HTML format.

5. Usage monitoring and statistics

Based on a common request, the new release adds an optional usage monitoring capability. If you enable usage tracking in the Preferences window, ClaimMaster will let you review usage statistics for various features (usage tracking is local to the computer). This may help you or your IT/Library group identify the features that may require additional training.

Also check out other improvements in this release: