Generating Application Summary Section

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Turning finalized claims into the application Summary section is often one of the last steps in patent application drafting. It is also quite tedious. To help with this, ClaimMaster includes a patent application drafting tool that lets you to quickly generate a draft Summary section for the patent application from a set of selected claims.  The tool breaks each claim into separate, stand-alone sentences limitation-by-limitation based on a specified set of rules/templates, providing you with a quick first draft that can be further edited, if needed.

To generate a Summary section, perform the following steps:

  1. From the ClaimMaster tab, click on the Time-Saving Tools menu, then select Create Application Summary Section From Claims:

    application summary section menu

  2. Select Claims for the Summary Section

    A window will will appear, displaying the identified claims in a tree format. From this tree, select the claims that you’d like to use in the Summary section.  You can click on individual claims in the tree to review their text.

    summary claim tree

  3. Customizing Summary Templates (Optional)

    The Summary section can be easily customized to correspond to your practice using configurable templates. To customize templates for generating the Summary section, click on the Configure Templates button in the Generate Summary window. You can also open the same window from the Preferences section.

    You can configure multiple Summary templates in the window that opens up. However, only one template should be selected for generating the Summary section.

    summary templates

    Each Summary template specifies how the independent and dependent claims are restructured into the Summary section, along with the general boilerplate that’s inserted around the generated section. For the specific information on configuring templates, please read the Online Manual.

  4. Generate the Summary Section

    Once you select the desired claims and configured your template, click on Generate Summary to bring up a new document with the draft Summary section that was crated based on the selected template.

For more information on these features, check out the Online Manual.