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ClaimMaster lets you create an application shell document generated from one of the pre-defined templates. Once you generate a shell document, you can follow a pre-defined workflow to fill various shell sections (e.g., add cloned claims, figures, Abstract, Summary, etc.) using ClaimMaster’s patent application drafting tools.

You can take a look at the demo of the application drafting workflow in the video below:

To generate a new patent application shell document, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Claims Document (Optional)

    Open a Word document containing your starting claim set. This could be any claim set, preferably containing at least one method claim.

  2. Start the Application Shell Tool

    From the ClaimMaster tab, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menuthen click on Generate Application Shell:

    generate application shell menu

    Doing so will bring up a patent application shell selection menu.

  3. Select the Desired Application Shell

    From the selection menu, select a new application shell to generate. You can also specify whether to copy the claims from the currently open document into the new shell. Once you make you selection, click on Generate Document.

    select application shell to generate

  4. Start the Application Drafting Workflow (Optional)

    If you chose to copy the claims into the new shell, ClaimMaster will generate a new shell document and also bring up a claim cloning tool, allowing you to clone method claims into other claim types (e.g., system, CRM, etc.) based on the pre-configured templates. Otherwise, you can copy the claims into the new shell document manually and start the cloning process from there. For more information about cloning claims, please see this step-by-step article.

    select claims to clone

    Once you clone the claims and add them into the shell using the Insert Claims button, click on the Next Steps button to move on to the next patent application drafting step.

  5. Repeat Patent Document Generation Steps (Optional)

    Once you click Next Steps, you’ll be presented with a workflow widget that lets you select the next patent drafting step and also indicates which steps have been completed:
    perform the next step in patent application drafting workflow

    From the menu, you can select the next desired step and click Start to bring up the appropriate patent drafting tool. Once you add the desired section to the document, click Next Steps in that tool and proceed with the next step in the workflow until you are finished with all the sections you wish to add to the shell. Here are the specific step-by-step tutorials for individual patent application drafting tools:
    Cloning method claims into other statutory types
    * Generating Summary
    Generating Abstract
    Generating flowcharts and corresponding descriptions
    Generating figures and corresponding descriptions

  6. Add Paragraph Numbers to the Generated Shell (Optional)

    Once you complete the workflow and add the desired document sections to your application document shell, you can optionally add paragraph numbers to the final document. To do so, from the ClaimMaster tab, click on the Patent Drafting Tools menuthen click on Add Paragraph Numbers to Specification:

    add paragraph numbers menu

For more information on this feature, check out the Online Manual.