Improvements to Office Action Response Drafting Tools

ClaimMaster 2020 greatly improves its tools for analyzing Office Actions and drafting Office Shell responses. We’ve streamlined drafting workflows, added many new helpful features, and expanded on the pre-built library of boilerplate entries that could be used to quickly add content to the Office Action responses. Below are some of the highlights:

Improved Office Action Analysis and Shell Tools

We have completely streamlined the OA Analysis tool to allow you to analyze Office Actions, download cited references, and generate filled-out draft responses (or full OAR packages) from the same tool interface. In addition, we’ve made it easier to edit the results of the OA analysis, add new references, customize citation formats, or verify names of the existing prior art citations against bibliographic data from the USPTO. More information about the OA Analysis tool is available from here.

Office Action Browser screenshot

Office Action Drafting Assistant

We’ve added a brand new tool called Office Action Drafting Assistant to make it easier to draft Office Action responses. When you generate a basic shell using the OA Analysis tool, your job is only half finished. You still have to fill-out substantive arguments and other information in the OA response. The Office Action Drafting Assistant makes insertion of various information into the OA shell much easier. For example, you can pick from a full library of boilerplate entries (or make your own), claim citations, summaries of pending OA rejections, various replacement fields, and more. Notably, every shell you generate with ClaimMaster retains much of the OA analysis information inside of it, so the Office Action Drafting Assistant can access this information later when the document is opened, even by a different person. More information about the OA Drafting Assistant tool is available from here.

Office Action Drafting Assistant screenshot

New Boilerplate Entries and Replacement Fields

We’ve added tons of new boilerplate entries to deal with a variety of common OA issues, such as 101/102/103 rejections, amendments, remarks, and so forth. All these entries could be customized to your needs and can be accessed both from the Office Action Drafting Assistant and also from the Boilerplate Tools section. We’ve also added many new replacement fields, including self-filling out fields that become Word drop-down controls for entering various information, such as cited prior art combinations, claims, and much more. More information about the new boilerplate features available from here.

Drop-down menu screenshot

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