Miscellaneous Improvements

ClaimMaster 2020 includes many small, but helpful improvements to the software. Some of these improvements are outlined below.

Specifying Client Matter ID

ClaimMaster now lets you associate client matter id with proofreading reports, document downloads, and other documents generated by the software. To specify the client matter id for the project, click on the Assign client matter id button in Special Operations/Preferences tab of ClaimMaster.

client matter screenshot

In the dialog that opens up, you can select the current client matter id for the project. The matter id is selected from the list matters you can specify and save within ClaimMaster. Once you specify the current matter id, all proofreading reports will reflect that matter id. In addition, you’ll be able to use Download Manager to search for the downloaded documents using the specified client matter id for the project.

client matter selection screenshot

Printing of HTML Reports

We’ve added a Print Report button to the proofreading reports in HTML format.

proofreading report print screenshot

When you click this button, the generated HTML report will be automatically converted to a printer-friendly format and Print dialog will appear in your browser. Make sure to enable color printing of background graphics to view the highlights in the report, as shown below.

proofreading report print screenshot 2

More improvements

• Checking for duplicate dependent claims
• Remove part number listings from the claims drafted in the EPO style

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