Downloading Improvements

The new version of ClaimMaster includes several improvements to the patent and file wrapper downloading features.

Downloading front pages of the foreign IDS references

When submitting IDS forms, you may also need to submit English abstracts/translations for the foreign references. One easy way to obtain English abstracts is from the front pages of the PCT publications, which you can now quickly download with ClaimMaster. To download front pages of foreign references, check “Download front pages only for foreign patents” checkbox in the Batch Downloading tool. Note: if you know the kind code for your document, make sure to include it in the listed number. Once you run the downloading operation, only the first pages of the specified documents will be downloaded.

batch download screenshot

Simplified US File Wrapper Downloads

As you probably noticed, Public PAIR hasn’t worked particularly well lately and Private PAIR is now limited only to the applications linked to your customer id. As a result, it got harder to download IFW contents from PAIR automatically. As an alternative, you can now use ClaimMaster to download the entire IFW contents from Reed Tech’s Public PAIR mirror using only the application number. To do so, simply select “Bulk IFW download from Reed Tech PAIR mirror” as the data source in PAIR Downloading tool:

file history mirror screenshot

When you do this, ClaimMaster will download the contents of the entire file wrapper in a single zip file (i.e., the way it’s stored on the Reed Tech’s site). Please note that this operation works best for the issued patents that had some time to “settle” on the Reed Tech’s site, as their file wrappers for the currently pending applications are often out of date. For the recent and currently pending applications, you are still advised to use either Public or Private PAIR to make sure you are getting the latest version of the file wrapper.

Other Downloading Improvements

The latest version streamlines user interfaces of the various downloading tools to make them simpler to navigate and re-run downloading operations. For example, we now have separate tabs for the item lists and download log. Other elements have also been compacted to make them more intuitive and simplify operations in the UI.

In addition, we’ve improved the speed of importing text/claims of the US patents/publications into the currently open Word document.

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